Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shanthigiri ashram visit .

Last evening got a great opportunity with the Chief Secretary of Kerala to visit Shanthigiri ashramam, near Vembayam, Trivandrum. 

It was a great secular Christmas and new year celebrations addressed by Orthodox bishop,  Catholic priests and kerala state Chief secretary, Dy speaker, Legislative Assembly Mr Panniyode Ravi and former MP Peethambara Kurup ..

With sylvan clean, green surroundings and organic farming, honeybee rearing, masala powder manufacture, schools, HSS, sidha medical college  etc. the campus has about 200 inmates with 1000 families staying in nearby places.

This is a great example to make societies self reliant, intelligent,  tolerant and peaceful .. Great demonstration and  experience of inter-religious tolerance. Moreover, there were no religious leaders' idols or pics at the ashram, which believes in spirituality, not religiosity ..

A higher level of intelligence, unattained by many of us, including myself,  because of our narrow thinking  .. Getting Mahatma Gandhiji's ideals into practice in the twenty first century energy hungry, digital and information world..

Wishing all of you a very contented and peaceful New Year (as wished by our CS) ..



  1. \\o// Good start for a 'New Year-Resolution'!! In a digital technology era many basics are over-ridden and we are paying the price in natural disasters. Going back to Gandhian idea to sustain life on earth and conservation of energy: Wind,Sun-light,Turbine,etc. rather than Nuclear or Oil/Coal alone !!


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