Monday, December 14, 2015

Preventing type 2 diabetes ..

In India we find diseases are basically caused due to

1. genetic traits,
2. atmospheric and other pollution effects,
3. Lifestyle diseases - excess of foods containing fats, carbohydrates, sugar etc or not having the right combination of components of food and finally
4. scarcity of food resulting in stunted growth, deficiency of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats etc.

Diabetes, type 2 is basically a life styl;e disease. the health condition where insulin hormone from pancreas becomes ineffective in controlling blood sugar levels, leading to grave health complications.

When this insulin deficiency happens due to pancreas being under attack by immune system, it is type I diabetes, could be of genetic nature (reason 1).

When the pancreatic ineffectiveness in generating insulin happens due to a sedentary lifestyle and eating red meat, processed foods, smoking, drinking etc, the result is type II diabetes, (reason 3)

Diabetes is a very grave health hazard affecting developed and developing economies in a big way.

Enough exercises like walking for min 30 mins a day, more active lifestyle, diet-wise - low fat, less red meat, less sugary, less processed food diet, is a sure shot way to beat this great calamity staring at mankind.

The five word mantra to ward off diabetes ..
"Stay lean and stay active"

Read this very useful Harvard Uty School of Public health document, to understand more on diabetes and how to prevent contracting diabetes.


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