Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Australian cartoon belittling Indian contribution to global solar energy ..

The cartoon by Bill Leak in The Australian of 14 Dec, depicting India as not being competent to use solar energy and would rather eat it than use it shows the fanatically racial mindset of the Australians.

How ignorant of them when India has already put up the first international airport in the world at Kochi, Kerala on solar energy six months back, when the so called developed nations are learning their first steps on solar energy applications.

It is very difficult for the migrant descendants of criminals and sexual offenders from Britain to think clearly !

It has demoralised the already large immigrant Indian community to know that they are being looked down and racially abused by the dominant immigrant community of British criminal settlers.

The whole world knows who will very soon have the last laugh ! Be patient and have loads of understanding for these intellectually challenged people !!

\George ..

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