Thursday, December 10, 2015

New age careers in Engineering ..

Now that +2 students in India and other parts of the world, are getting ready for joining graduation courses, (only 18% in India are fortunate enough to avail of this facility GROSS ENROLMENT RATIO), I thought it would be useful for the students to know what are the different exciting and creative, non-core job options and what are the areas students should be concentrating in these new times..

Exciting careers in non-core engineering that are at the same time challenging and creative !!

Some of them are : Data analyst, retail banking professional, e-business operations executive, e-commerce specialist, social media expert, SEO specialist, Data Web Traffic analyst, Mobile App developer, Cloud Application Developer and Software Tester ..

3D printing, Energy systems, UAV developments, Internet of Things (IoT), Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials, Fuel cells, Robotics, simulation Technology etc are great areas ..

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