Monday, December 21, 2015

Justice (retd.) Katju on the selfish IIT graduates. .

Very very true. Justice (retd.) Katju of the Indian Supreme Court could not be any better.. As he says similar high qaulity education in US would put one behind by at least $50,000 worth loans.

It is in spite of our "smart" brain drain, that India is progressing by leaps and bounds .. 

While the cream from IIT migrate abroad, these brainy students keep their personal interests in mind than the interests of the society which gave them this opportunity.Even though some of them may have the plans to study and acquire more knowledge abroad with firm plans to return after some years, it is found that most of the time this does not happen. They are trapped in the comforts and luxury of a developed economy. A whole generation is trapped !!

The sad part is, we can pardon them en masse, if they acquire more skills and knowledge in foreign shores and contribute to the general upgradation of the knowledge in the world. They gradually wilt out getting caught in the commecial world. None of the have ever been smart enough or hardworking to get a Nobel prize winning research or invention.

The final wish of everyone who are in India would be to create many more GE or Google from India or create more Nobel prize worth Intellectual property !


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