Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ISRO PSLV C29 with Singaporean satellites Teleos I ..

India has launched 6 satellites for Singapore from Sriharikotta on PSLV C29. Teleos I at 400 kgs is the biggest. 

The puny state of Singapore finally gets on the space map.

Even though Singapore has 2 academic  institutions ranking better than India in Times education 2015 global uty rankings, they are babies in space science, waiting to be handheld by India.

The launch as usual was just picture-perfect ! India surges ahead both in terms of technology and cost innovation. There is no space power in the world that can match India's cost innovation. 

ISRO Chmn Kiran Kumar (l) with Kunhikrishnan

When India launched Mangalyaan, the Mars Orbiter Mission at 10% cost of a comparable NASA missio, Maven, the world sat up and took note. 

When India sent Astrosat, our observatory in space which  has almost 40% capacity to catch signals from deep space (aperture size) of Hubble, the cost of construction and launch at $45 million (less than 1%) compared to cost of NASA launch of Hubble, 1990 cost of $2500 million and 2015 cost of $4600 million, the world is shocked ..

NASA will find it extremely difficult to compete with the cost leaders India in space science. Read this blogpost.. When NASA had to abandon its Apollo missions and Space Shuttle mission due to exhorbitant costs, the same fate may not befall Indiaas we do missions at 1% to 10 % costs.. We cannot yet afford to chestbeat on our achievements !

Singapore, new baby in space !!
NASA will need some guidance and handholding in future deep space launches, if they wish to compete with India. If ego is the problem which prevents them from approaching India and seeking its guidance and help for handholding in cost innovation, then NASA and US space expeditions are doomed for ever !

India can hold its head real high ! Kunhikrishnan, (right in pic) SHAR centre Director is such a lucky person !!

There are several firsts in this flight

1. first time the fourth stage rocket was reignited after being switched off, before launching the satellites, to test the viability of launching satellites in different orbits

2. this is the 50 th launch from Sriharikotta range

3. so far 57 foreign satellites have been launched, which includes 4 US, 5 British satellites

4. this year so far, 3 Indian and 17 foreign satellites have been launched from SHAR centre

5. ISRO commercial arm, Antrix Corp has so far helped the following twenty countries to place their satellites into orbit.  Great Britain, US, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, Turkey and Argentina.

After my classmate P. Kunhikrishnan has taken over as Director of SHAR centre, Srikarikottta, there is renewed enthusaism and confidence in the air and we believe, ISRO is set to conquer greater heights. Our Chandrayaan 2 and solar missions which is to happen in the next three four years, is hoped will be resounding successes, putting us far ahead of the rest of the advanced nations of the world and allowing India to take permanent, peaceful leadership of the world. (though the western world would still not offer us permanent membership of the Security Council of the United Nations, which we know is a silent instrument of the western world to establish their hegemony of the world)

The economic history of the world 2000 years back ..
Forget US, even most of the European nations were fries then.
All those who doubted India's resilience to bounce back, who were poorly informed of the history of this great land,  in spite of British colonialism (over our land) for 300 years and US' and european colonialism (over our people) for the last 55 years, will get an opportunity to think again and be part of this great civilization and culture that is India. And a big welcome to those who have returned to their motherland..

In the meantime, let us welcome Singapore, new baby in space !!!


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