Sunday, December 13, 2015

Climate change, COP21 and global response ..

The world's second biggest polluter is getting ready to fool the people of the world yet again on the Paris climate treaty !!

Why is it that US wishes to dictate to others but does want to follow common global good, strive to limit global heating to less than 2deg Celsius, (1.5 deg to be exact ) ??

Can it be attributed to the insensible Congressmen who would never ratify it ?

All the earlier climate aƧcords have failed as the greatest polluter bullied around, not being a signatory or failing to ratify. What a sad state of affairs for the world !

Some countries prefer to be true to their real nature,  selfish to the core .. God bless the world !

If we do not follow the actions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, the world will be an unlivable place soon .. 

George.. (pics credit BBC)

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