Tuesday, December 08, 2015

High value solar energy innovation increasing in India !!

When the so-called technologically advanced countries of the world are feeling lost and limping in applying high-tech and innovating at low cost, India leads the world by silently marching forward !

Two months back, India made international headlines when V J Kurien IAS, Addl Sec, GoK, made Cochin International Airport, the first international airport in the world to be totally energy-neutral and run on solar energy, when we all know that international airports are super critical applications.

Now it is the turn of a class 12 dropout from Kolar, Karnataka, 63 year old Syed Sajjan Ahmed, who drove his self-made solar car for 3000 km to Delhi to demonstrate the versatility of solar energy and to take part in a technology exhibition. 

Great to see India taking over global scientific and technological leadership not only in the highly advanced high-tech areas of Space Technology and unmanned interplanetary missions, but also in renewable non-conventional energy applications like solar energy, in sure firm steps with each passing day !

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