Saturday, December 12, 2015

Incidence of Cancer and implications of moving to a high HDI country ..

We all know how damaging is cancer in our society. 

Going back to statistics, in high HDI countries, (human development index) cancer mortality for males is 132 per 100,000 compared to 87 in low HDI countries, while for females it is fixed at 86-87 per 100,000 for both high and low HDI countries..

Ie. if a male migrates from India or other low HDI country to a developed country, he is at 57 % higher risk of contracting cancer, while it does not make any difference in females.

Whether it is low awareness, misinformed craze for a materialistic life or a care-free attitude, such cases abound in our society !

Having to live in constant fear is actually a curse !!

And finally it is the greatest disservice you can do to your future generations, make them lose their unique culturally rich identity and incapacitate them for generations !!

What a shame !!


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