Tuesday, November 17, 2015

US dreads the war on terror which they started after 9/11.

US President Obama is in a dilemma these days, how can he establish US superiority in global matters when he is running scared of committing his troops to another ten years of combat in middle-east. He is in a constant effort to undo the damages of earlier belligerance committed by his predecessors in the White House, notably the cowboy Prez !

Undoing the damage of earlier US belligerance ..
Perhaps US has the support of sensible countries of the world when he resists sending US ground troops to Iraq and Syria because he knows it is going to be a long, never-ending story, another ten years wasted for US and perhaps trillions of dollars spent on wrong priorities, going down the drain.

The Republicans who are pursuing Obama to act decisively, perhaps under the pressure from their arms supplier contractor friends and aides, miss the wood for the trees.

How such an action could financially cripple a boisterous US and the West, maybe for ever, bringing great horror, misery and sorrow to their people and pulling them back industrially by at least ten years, giving the more peace-loving, silent, smarter and wiser regimes in China and India to surge ahead economically, industrially and politically, is an eventuality US and the West dreads ! It is like losing their guard on these two fast developing nations.

Obama would not mind being party to a concerted global effort to eliminate IS. But who will bell the cat ? France is too small a fry to attempt or even engage in any such global action.

It is either US, Russia or China who could lead a global offence against the IS. Indian forces by its very peaceful nature have only defensive capabilities and cannot be in charge of an offensive.

World would do better if they took stock of why such terror groups  have their origin in the middle-east, the socio-political-economic impact of their actions and brainstorm on what positive actions could preempt such violent terrorist organizations from, in the first instance, taking birth and then establishing roots and growing financially and materially.

Will the west stop its belligerence and come to the discussion table ? It is for the future of humanity and planet earth, lest the whole world be doomed to perpetual war, terror and misery.

Violence cannot be met with violence. On the other hand pinning down the perpetrators at different stages, finding the root cause with intense deliberations and diplomacy, discussing with global leaders across the table to find a potentially lasting and permanent solution could take the world forward, at least some distance ..

Have a positive mind and hope for the best. Obama intensely detests entering the mess of middle-east, so be it !! 

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