Monday, November 30, 2015

The traffic snarls in Bangalore city .

You stand at any of the major traffic points in Bangalore city and watch in the mornings, how many cars go past you with just a single occupant ? It comes hitting you like a bolt, why are these smart engineers and managers from some of the biggest industrial names, neither doing a car pool nor take the company bus or walk  to their offices .. If the previous night had a shower, the situation gets worse, every Tom, Dick and Harry are out in their car.. 

When Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, swami Vivekananda, Jesus christ etc talked of the futility of a materially possessed life and guided us to living a very frugal and unwasteful life, i thought let me practice it first, before giving any big sermons ..

The traffic jam in Bangalore city, especially because of last night's heavy rain is unimaginable. For the second week starting I am walking to and from office for the second week too !! Great exercise (5+5 km). .😊 fit as a fiddle.. 

With the imminent threat of MNCs of moving out of Bangalore as they face lot of productivity loses because of the traffic snarls, the government should do something to address this issue at the earliest.


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