Sunday, November 15, 2015

Should France retaliate against ISIS ?

Even though the recent attack on Paris is deeply condemnable, France dare not take law in its own hands and attack Arab nations harbouring ISIS militants. A fragmented approach of attacking a common enemy never works as the US war on terror reminds us.

A globally consented strategy to eradicate not only terrorism, but inequality, unemployment and poverty should be adopted. (Read US' bitter lessons after 9/11). Only a united  approach can bring lasting peace !

Else France, a country with just $2.5 trillion GDP at PPP (one third of India and one seventh of China) and ranked #9 globally, can never lead and influence global action ..

A big lesson - "At times, the friends you move with, can be a big burden !!" ..

No action in this world is isolated and unique, it is the reaction to some other action perpetrated back in history on a part of the world population, intentionally or not ..

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