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Life and Quotes by N R Narayana Murthy of Infosys ..

The high values and ethics NRN holds ...
Narayana Murthy is one of my great Indian heroes. Not because he started Infosys with his 6 other friends, or is exceedingly rich, a self made man, is from IIT, or a great motivational writer, not any of these.. but because he is a great leader.
Leadership quote ..

NRN's story is quite interesting.. Here is an ordinary son of an Indian school headmaster from Mysore, India who had the courage, confidence and frame of mind to stand up and take the world head on ..

His leadership qualities are unmatched by any in contemporary India. He can be compared to the likes of Jamshedji Tata, G D Birla, Jawaharlal Nehru, Verghese Kurien, Vikram Sarabhai, M S Swaminthan and so on .. His lifestory is an example of how in spite of many setbacks and a very unfavourable entrepreneurial climate in the country in 1981, he and his team went against many odds and pursued their dream of setting up a world class IT company in India. In fact, I do not say it as an exaggeration, the IT revolution in India got its wings on the success of Infosys.
NRN's views on Entrepreneurship ..

What attracts me to the Infosys story and to NRN in particular is his impeccable style of leadership and the high standards of values and ethics which he and his team practiced throughout. On this blog I have written lot about my visits to the Infosys HO in Electronic City Bangalore and to the Infosys Global Learning Centre at Mysore, a massive edifice !!

A few points that needs special mention are :

1. the opportunity it has opened up for young bright engineers to seek employment within the country, instead of going abroad. 

2. reaffirming the faith that even with values and ethics it is possible to run great companies from out of India

The high values and ethics NRN upholds ..
3. reaffirming that India is indeed a great opportunity for setting up entrepreneurial ventures, especially of the IT service and software kind (though of late it has taken a beating in terms of profitability and value addition )

4. setting up a right innovative environment for new ideas to take the company and hence the country forward ..

5. how he has groomed leaders from outside and from within to lead Infosys to great heights even after all the founders have had their say in running the company.

No better way this Deming quote could be illustrated ,,
6. the great innovative path the company can take in the coming years with the great new leadership to take it to the forefront of IT companies of the world

7. the philanthropic activities undertaken by NRN and wife Sudha Murthy is worth emulation by other business leaders of the country

In short, it was courage, bold leadership, innovative thinking, good knowledge, humility followed up with disciplined action which are the reasons for Infosys' success. Infosys has spawned many other IT service sector successes too in this country. 

Imagine how India would benefit if we had 100 more such Narayana Murthys ? highly ethical, value based, innovative, great leadership, disciplined down-to-earth leaders in the country !

NRN sharing his gyaan on the need for Benchmarking 
I remain his fan even though I have not been an employee of Infosys, for whatever reasons .. ( really speaking, I had not risen to their expectations and standards !) The promise he and his team along with thousands of other brilliant and bright entrepreneurs whom he has motivated, hold for the country cannot be wished away. It has a snowballing effect and can take the country far far ahead ..

I am thrilled at the great hopes for an excellent future of the country through his life example ..

His contributions are concrete, real and will inspire many future generations to give their best for the country, at the same time holding high the values, professional ethics and leadership qualities he stands for even to this day ...

The contributions NRN and his equally illustrious co-brother Gururaj Deshpande have made to this country will be remembered for many generations to come. Imagine 100 more Gururajs too contributing to the growth of the country !!

NRN stressing in no small terms the importance of
professional ethics
The Infosys Foundation spearheaded by NRN giving away the Infosys Prizes every year in the area of social sciences, mathematical sciences, physical sciences, life sciences, engineering and computer science and humanities is yet another great contribution by  Infosys to world science and technology.

NRN's book " A better India" is a well written, slightly philosophical piece, but touches many contemporary business topics and global issues. It is a "must-read" for any patriotic Indian from college onwards. A gem of a book, it is a compilation of speeches he delivered at different top Universities of the world like Harvard, Stanford to name a few, and to many business association meetings around the world.

It reflects his leadership qualities and thoughts, full of great ideas, great hopes, high value experiences, detailing his failures and successes and worth reading ..  Born just the year before India gained independence, NRN tries to make the book very enriching and soothing to the soul, at the same time reflecting on the promise independent India offers to its young brainy citizens.  ..

What would India have inherited if NRN had migrated to developed countries like millions of other intelligent Indians ?

Be prepared, great sane advice can come from any source ..
When I look back, I always think what India would have inherited if Narayana Murthy had ditched his motherland and  migrated like many of the senseless, selfish Indians who profess great thoughts and ideals, who finally succumb to their selfish self and prefer to migrate and work for the developed countries ? The country would have lost a great opportunity to get on to the IT bandwagon and would have lost a great chance to demonstrate to the world how great professional organisations can come out of India.

This country has the potential to create a thousand more NRNs, let us realise that we all have it in us to be ethical, clean with high values. The country just needs to reorient itself from being a spiritual economy at a higher, commonly incomprehensible, intellectual plane to a professional, value based, earthly economy, looking to solve some of it's perennial day to day problems of hunger, disease, poverty, illiteracy and the like.. The country needs to come down from the high planes where our rishis and great men have taken us over the past many millennia to be more realistic and practical ..

I am sure NRN would be crediting not his family or his fellow colleagues for his fame and repute as much as his parents for instilling in him  a sense of devotion to duty, respect for hard work and love to his motherland (patriotism) ..

Good wishes Sir !!

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