Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pres Obama, Jack Ma at APEC summit 2015

President Obama with Jack Ma and Aisa ..
At the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation CEO summit) 2015 Nov 16-18 in Manila Philippines, President Obama gave up his pretense of being the President US, and against all protocols adorned on a new simple role. 

It shows his leadership qualities and concern for global issues of concern to humanity as a whole.

President Obama acts as a talk show host to Jack Ma of Alibaba and Aisa Mendajo, the engineer entrepreneur who developed the salt lamp, which generates electricity from saline solutions, mostly, sea water ....

The noticeable change of this years APEC CEO Summit 2015 in Philippines is

1. President Obama's realisation of the fact that youngsters hold the key to new innovation and business opportunities in the world.
2. His recognition of the need for taking steps to combat climate change
3. his acting as a talk show host to interview Jack Ma and Aisa shows how sincerely he wants to address the issue of climate change and
4. how simple the President can get when real issues are brought out

The text of the President's speech ..

Let us hope some straight talk which has happened here will bear fruits in the long run.


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