Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Economist Case discussions in the class and in exams

The oldest, well researched  and best
business and economics weekly magazine
of the world  coming from London ..
I have been a reader of The Economist magazine off and on from 1982 and regularly from 2008 onwards. It is quite common to include cases in classes and in question papers for senior students of MBA.

One way of improving the quality of the teaching is by making the students think much better. Give them world class data and train them to think at a higher plane, this is the best way to infuse quality into the teaching process. 

Some of the discussions I read in the Economist is of such high quality, well researched that I am compelled to bring that discussion into the class at Alliance University Bangalore by distributing the Business cases, probably of 1 - 2 pages size in the class. The improvement is markedly visible. 

One should see the satisfaction and feeling of contentment on the students' faces after they come out of the discussion !! Incomparable !!

I feel more and more faculty should include Economist case discussions in the MBA class to improve

1. the quality of case discussions with well researched and real world data
2. give students a world wide view of global events and happenings
3. it motivates students to widen their literature search and read quality, well researched material
4, to improve the general level of interactions in the class
5. to give the students the confidence to take on the real smart world outside


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