Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Can Russia and France make any difference ? Need for a global realignment ..

After the downing of the Russian passenger jet from Egypt in October and last week's terrorist strikes in Paris, both purportedly by Islamic State (IS) terrorists, Russia and France are perturbed and want to see IS finished off.
Russian civilian plane engine in Sinai desert, Egypt
courtesy - BBC

At #7 and #9 respectively in the global economic powers list, these countries do not matter in global politics and/or policies and may not make any difference in the global approach to tackle terrorism. But humanity has been attacked here and needs to tackled jointly.   
When thousands were kiled in Syria and Iraq, the world never shed tears as much as is being done now. Human lives are precious, wherever it be. The sorrow and agony it brings to the near and dear are equally severe, be it Arab life, African, European, Asian or American

Keeping aside issues like who nurtured Islamic State (IS) warriors and what was the reason for IS warriors to get together and plan strife against Iraqi and Syrian governments is itself a big story. 

Let us probe deeper to find why this selective IS attack on Russia and France. They were among the first countries to act against IS in Iraq and Syria, along with US.

Why have China and India, the world's #1 and #3 economies been spared ? Has it got anything to do with the politics of the region or the geography of the land ?

India has issues only with Pakistan,  China with Japan and other South East Asian countries only. They have kept off the volatile and fragile Middle East Asia and North African region.
Friday, the 13 th of November 2015, ill fated day when IS
terrorists killed 129 Parisians on the streets of Paris.
courtesy - New York Times.

Good for them. The tentacles of Islamic terrorism is yet to reach China and South Asia. It bodes well for both these nations to keep off issues in Middle East Asia and North Africa. It was the excessive meddling of the US in Middle East in search of oil and to establish global hegemony that issues got out of control.

Together China and India are home for 34% of humanity walking on planet Earth now. Together these two nations account for all of the  European economies or one and a half times US economy. 

By 2050 India and China (#1 and #2) will be bigger than all other economies of the world.
Stability, political reforms, diversity, democracy, a deep spiritual and rich civilization and culture, strong family bonds at the lowest level all of them contribute to the slow yet stable growth experienced in these nations.

With the epi-centre of global growth and development having gravitated to these two countries and BRICS group, it needs a rewriting of global power equations, a new revised Bretton Woods Conference and new global alignments.

Great for Democracy and the rule of the people ! As a single party China will eventually be second to India. What a grand vision of our freedom fighters, rishis and sages of yesteryears ! What a rich superior culture to inherit !

Will the new alignment hold ground and work for global peace, economic and spiritual prosperity ?


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