Monday, November 23, 2015

A meaningful message - "Minimising Carbon footpint"

Yesterday 22 Nov '15, while attending a prayer meeting, the author was very much delighted to hear our Asst Vicar Fr Joe Mathew of st Gregorios Orthodox Cathedral Bangalore, talk of latest environmental science issues at the talk. ( thanks to Fr. Varghese P. idichandy of Bangalore diocese for bringing such advanced topics into spiritual discussions)

He asked a very meaningful question, what is special about the saints and great people across the world ? Be it Swami Vivekananda, Gandhiji, Parumala Tirumeni, Mother Teresa, Sadhu Sundar Singh or other saints of the church ..
All these great people, men and women,lived with the barest of resources, they used nature's resources scantily and sparingly. They spared all the earth's resources for the use of other inhabitants on planet earth. By using the earth's resources less, they ensured that the other needy on Earth can have what they want.
Benjamin Franklin once gave this quote - Eat to live and not live to eat.

As human beings, we have control over all the resources of the world. But we also need to realise that anything on planet earth is to be equally distributed to all inhabitants on planet earth, ie. it is not for us humans alone. Just because we have the power to think, act, attack and be selfish, it does not mean that we should exploit all the natural resources for the benefit of humanity. Our final success as a human race depends on how minimally and wisely we use these natural resources at our disposal, for the rest of humanity and other inhabitants on planet earth, for now and for posterity.

People who do not have the necessary intelligence and cannot think broadly in terms of the survival of human race and hmumanity will never be able to understand the gravity and import of this statement. It is sad that for those intellectually challenged people, the present is everything, their intelligence is not advanced to think of more than a week into the future. It also includes people from the more "selfish" developed nations of the world, who propagate the "consumerist culture" for their own selfish ends !! It is sad to see how greedy and selfish humans can be !!

In Environment Science language, the impact of any activity on the environment is referred to as contributing to the Carbon Footprint.  All our actions need be having "minimal carbon fotprint".
carbon footprint is historically defined as "the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or individual.                                                                                              Source :
Less the carbon footpint, less the earth's resources are being tapped into and more peacefully and wisely can future generations of humans and other living beings use the earth and its resources.
Let us use our intellect to fight for an earth where all living brings, irrespective of the degree of intellect and size of the brains, have a right to live on planet earth and use its resources for their survival and well being.


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  1. There is a UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris next week - Interesting to note major CO2 gas polluters have taken a keen interest !! There is 'Good News' as Solar Panel heat energy is transformed into electricity, and stored in Salt Cristal... The use of burning coal will soon become a thing of the past.... [ Baboi, London,U.K.]


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