Friday, November 06, 2015

A "dumb" US .. A "dumber" NASA ..

Mangalyaan from ISRO
Mangalyaan, the Indian Mars Orbiting Mission was launched this day 2 years back at a cost of $ 75 million. 

The 'silly' movie Gravity was done at $100 million. The movie Interstellar was done at $165 million. The NASA Mars Orbiter 'Maven' was launched at $650 million. Dombos !!
Maven from NASA

Are these Americans utterly useless, spoilt brats, borrowing loads of money from other countries and splurging it, putting the US citizens in great shame and disrepute as the highest debtor nation of the world !! 

One of the greatest threats the US would face in the coming years is their utter lack of understanding or grip of cost innovation. When competitor countries like China and India are marching ahead with technological improvements challenging the US ones, done at great cost innovation and simplicity, US would find it difficult in the coming years to match with these nations unless they do something on the cost reduction front.

As such what we gather from developments in US is that they are least bothered about reducing the costs. They still believe in borrowing loads and loads of money from other countries of the world and continue splurge it, thinking that in the long run they can throw dust in someone's eye and get away with it. Very soon US will have to come to reality with the massive debts it is piling with all nations of the world. At present US owes each citizen of the world approximately $1500.  What a shame !! Don't know where their brains are !

Where is India, where is US ! No comparison..

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