Saturday, November 07, 2015

5W 2H approach ..

The 5W - 2H is a simple Total Quality Management (TQM) process improvement tool which any process person or engineer should be aware. It is so simple yet so powerful that most of the times people tend to overlook its importance.

W - Why is the process being carried out, what is the purpose or benefit of it ?

W - who is carrying out the process ? what makes him suitable to carry out the process

W - where  is the process being carried out and why is it being carried out there ?

W - when  is the process being carried out and why at that time ?

W - what is the process being carried, is there any other process using better technology that can do the function well ?

H - How  is the process being carried out, by using what type of technology, indigenous or imported tech  ??

H - how much does the process cost, what are the cost benefits by carrying the process this way .. ?

If we try to find answer to all these 7 questions, the main purpose behind the process, who are the customers (internal or external), quality philosophy, supplier intent, transportation modes, frequency, storage all all other aspects can be very clearly understood. 


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