Monday, October 19, 2015

Why should the West be wary of Indian growth, especially space missions ?

India, unlike the West, is more peace loving and more democratic in nature in its internal activities and external interactions. The transition of ruling governments is solid proof of the true democratic values in the country and which will remain the strong unifying force for the country for many years to come.

When the West tried to dissuade India from peacefully experimenting and testing the atom bomb, powerful missiles and the most recent, space technology missions, they succeeded initially. Even though in the short run they were successful, in the long run they were all defeated. India is showing the world how to be more responsible than any of them.

When US and Israel proliferated nuclear and atom bomb secrets between themselves, nobody objected. US successfully silenced the rest of the world (or cared a damn for external opinions). When China proliferated nuclear and missile secrets with Pakistan and N Korea, nobody objected.  All the countries were either afraid or conveniently chose to close their eyes and not to point fingers at US and China. US and China were permanent members of the UN Security Council and had their might and could afford to flex their muscles at times.

When India on the other hand, understands it is a small player in the global scene, behaves responsibly and democratically, trying to cater to the interests of a billion plus people back home and trying by its own right to be a global leader, all eyebrows are raised. There may be issues of poverty, poor development, low education penetration, corruption, communalism etc, which the media harps on very religiously to pull the country down. But they are all internal issues and can be settled internally. The people decide how the country should be ruled and have been having their say in kicking governments and bringing in new governments every five years, which has been religiously happening over the past couple of decades. Governments come, governments go, people decide who will rule them and help the country grow. 

In the global stage, India is known to a respectable fair player, playing by the rules of the game. To the dismay of the rest of the world, the emergence of India not only from being a democratic giant to a commercial and business giant is being observed very closely.

It takes great courage to be a responsible leader in the world. Not only that, India is shocking the developed world. For instance in the space technology area, it is giving INNOVATIVE cost leadership, operating at dirt cheap rates and expanding its horizons to deep space. The Mars mission was done at ten percent of the cost of NASA Mars mission MAVEN and the space observatory Astrosat was done at one percent cost of NASA's Hubble telescope. 

If India is going to lead the world, so be it, (it has happened all through history), the world will be more peaceful. As India has given leadership to the world for all of history but for the past 300 years,(thanks to colonialism and ill effects of Industrial revolution), so will India learn from the past, assimilate it to its lifestyle, give leadership to the world for the rest of the future and help make world a better place for humans to live.

If India and China get to work together, that will be a great occasion for the world. Pl check this 2 year old writing of mine


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