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Syria, US, IS and the middle-east crisis analysis ..

Will Syria and the middle-east be the crucible for the next world war. ? An analysis .. 

2 million Syrians have already left the country, why ? They are knocking at the doors of European nations begging for accommodation and residency status, a very frightening thought !

Russian jets are pounding the bases of the opposition forces against the Syrian President Basher-al-Assad and Islaimic State (IS). Backed by Iran and their Shia fighters from Lebanon, Hizbollah. US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey on the other hand are backing the Sunni fighters in the Syrian opposition. 

It may be partially true to say that the fight in Syria, which is dismembering  Syria and chasing so many refugees out of the country and into Europe across the Meditteranean Sea, is already causing so much of pain and heartache across the European world. The plight of war refugees is a matter of concern everywhere in the world. UNHCR takes special interest in attending to them.

The hesitation of US to enter the conflict head-on but to supply war equipments through the CIA to the opposition groups, is silently adding fuel to fire. All of them have one common enemy, it is the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS).

Islamic State is enjoying the enmity between the Shias and the Sunnis (being also partly Sunnis) and also between the respective countries. It could not have been any better for IS.

The stage is properly set for a great clash, countries, knowingly or unknowingly are being pulled to the conflict. Countries and cultures, immature and inferior, including the great nations of Russia and US are playing into the hands of the IS and pouring oil into the Shia-Sunni divide in the middle-east.

The greatest fear is will this conflict grow into the third world war in the next few months ?If so, who will benefit and who will get wiped out.

US is standing by the side as a passive observer, not actively interfering other than through CIA. China and India are on the sides not yet drawn into any serious intervention.

US fears that if its attention is diverted, (as a result of its past actions and interventions in the area for selfish reasons by earlier US administrations), it can pull US back economically and dilute its important role in the global arena, as the second largest and influential country in the world after China.

US' greatest fear, is of being unwillingly pulled, pushed and jostled into this conflict by virtue of its past actions, support, gains, and patronage of cruel regimes and families for US' selfish interest. US has now come to realise the ill-effects of its earlier actions in the global stage.

Intervention in Syria or taking sides openly could be very costly for US as it can writeoff its future control over world politics. Not interfering in the conflict can be equally damaging too, as it can see its allies in the middle east, who have been supporting it financially and politically, crumble, raising more conflicts and civil wars in the middle east area.

Click this link for the refugee crisis ..

The final result of this conflict can see China and India going ahead and pushing US to the sides as an insignificant global player, to a situation from which it can never recover, economically, politically, strategically and militarily.

The underlying reason in all these regional conflicts is getting very clear with each passing day. The inferior civilizational and cultural heritage of the warring factions and countries, including the very nascent US, resulting in these conflicts is getting very evident. See how the more superior India and China have managed to keep off the conflict.

Lack of vision and maturity of these nations who are only interested in their
 short term benefits is not only causing great pain and misery in the region, it is also pulling them back economically and culturally, prompting these countries led by US and Russia, to push forward with greater violence and immature global actions.

India and China on the other hand are enjoying from the sides, wondering why US and Russia are so much interested in destabilising other countries and regions of the world including themselves, for their personal selfish interests ?

It is true that many Indians and Chinese may be working and living in these conflict ridden countries and its neighbours, but it is just personal interests to make a quick buck combined with lack of opportunities back home which prompt them to do so. No Indian or Chinese worth the salt would willingly enter and remain in these conflict ridden areas.

While the whole world looks at the future with a lot of uncertainty and conflict, only two regions of the world, Indian and China remain confident of the future. These two great countries are going to lead the world and give strong ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural leadership and to allow their citizens to live peacefully.

And the end results will be evident twenty years from now, for the whole world to see - The Eastern Ascendancy, after a 300 year gap ..


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