Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Startups and Mentoring ..

Role of mentoring in startups :

Mentors can be a great source of help and advice to startups. Usually the people behind startups have so many things to attend to that they miss the wood for the trees. Concentrating on less important things while missing the more important ones, with the result that such startups have a very tough ride and success is very doubtful.

It is found for instance from New York city data for period 2004-2014, almost 33 % of all successful startups had a mentor to look after the startups, to advice them and guide them through difficult and doubtful times.

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In educational institutions where the best brains are getting trained, by not exposing the students to the dynamics of startups, we are denying the students  great opportunity to grow. At the same time, we are wasting so much of young, promising, willing talent that exists in the country for development, wealth and employment generation.

A Startup Mentoring Cell is a great idea which educational institutions should pursue in full steam, as they know the students have great potential and ideas, they are very creative and are willing to put in long hours of gruelling work. It is the responsibility of educational institutions to guide these youngsters gainfully and productively so that their nascent efforts at creating wealth and creative and gainful accumulation of resources to come out with something positive for the society, bears fruit. The society has to see that these efforts are not wasted. The youngsters in turn learn from their failures and successes and pass it on to others who are also looking for help and future mentoring.

The society and elder educated experienced seniors can thus create a caring and nurturing ecosystem for the youngsters who have great dreams for their motherland and for themselves.


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