Saturday, October 24, 2015

Peace-time migrants and war-time migrants ..

Migration is movement of people across borders during peace times and difficult times like wars, to escape or benefit from the economic and social, cultural interactions / difficulties during such times. A natural disaster can also cause migration in a big scale, out of fear of famine and diseases due to scarcity of rain, water and food.

Economic difficulties could include unemployment, low earnings, low economic growth, Better education could be a reason for people to migrate as it gives them better earnings in richer countries and a better standard of living, finally leading to an economic issue.

Migration besides being personally enriching is a dirty word in many countries, because it deprives the residents of the country of a higher standard of living and they are forced to share their wealth with the poor migrants, pulling them too to higher living standards. 

Europe now faces a great crisis because of the divide between the Shias and Sunnis in the Middle east and the ascendency of the terrorist and militant Islamic State (IS). While the Russians continue to pound IS installations and rebel areas opposing the Syrian President Basher Assad with the active conivance of Iran and its militant group from Lebanon, Saudi, Qatar and US on the other side and predominantly Sunni are waiting for the right opportunity to repel any attack.

The outflow of refugees from Syria, crossed the 2 million mark already, is bound to continue in the coming days and could be the start of the third world war, a very frightening thought.

India and China true to their superior civilization and culture remain aloof from all the conflicts, very accommodative and  patient in their dealings, and are poised to be the economic super powers of the world very soon. 

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