Friday, October 30, 2015

Keeping off Facebook. ..

Even though FB is the single largest networking platform in the Universe, was interested in knowing some other aspects. Yours faithfully has been out of FB for the past one month. People have been saying that FB is a sort of addiction, like smoking etc.. Just wanted to check out !

The experiment was taken up as I wanted to verify three aspects,

1. whether FB is an addiction ?
2. if one is not on FB what are the issues / problems / difficulties ? 
3. if an addiction, how long can a person stay out of FB ?

Over the past one month, I can quite positively and with great determination, say that FB is not an addiction. It is at most a past-time, nothing more than that, not an obsession, wild craving, fixation, enslavement etc..

Some observations :

1. FB does not serve any function other then general socialising and making Zuckerberg rich

2. It is not helpful to increase knowledge at all, one has to pursue other means for that, like reading extensively

3. It can take upto 2-3 hrs of valuable time everyday for socialising

4. It does not directly help in one's professional life, other than improving the networking

5. Can pursue something worthwhile with the time, which can yield good returns in the long run, like spending tiome on self health, walking, starting some useful hobbies, reading, writing etc..

6. Continue reading and get info, the more one remains out of computers, the more is inclined to read and write. In the long run this yields definite positive results.

7. publish more researched articles in the blog (with an aim to improve writing style, comprehension and colecting materials for later publishing) than at FB

8. plan something effective and worthwhile with one's life than just socialising. Take a determined stand like fixing on some goals and aims and working towards attaining it.

9. divert effort and intelligence to more productive pursuits than just networking and socialising

10. help the people of the world who are in need of knowledge, think and put up one's own thoughts and writing at for example. a blog site ..

11. FB is not an addiction  but a low IQ tool to while away time.

My advice to people who would like to lead purposeful lives is to, be on FB initially, understand what it is , its potential, its reach and influence, but at times, try to keep off its influence, by logging off.  May be after a few months. if one needs to network with others, join for some time, but with a disdain for it.

You will tend to appreciate and enjoy technology and at the same time, know the limits and keep a distance without sacrificing personal goals, aims etc.

One more thing is, after logging out of FB, I have been feeling very focussed and wanting to achieve more. Concentrating on daily activities, not missing my future goals !


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