Sunday, October 18, 2015

ISRO launching 6 satellites for Singapore ..

What a shameful way to expose the higher educational system in Singapore ? How big a scam is it ?

A hard blow on the educational system of  the 720 sq. km country of Singapore, it depends on India for launching satellites .. Even though it has a couple of Institutes better than the top Indian tech institutes like the IITs, and claims to have an educational system better than that of India, it has developed little in some areas of education, it is very much behind India in real technology.

Showing off is a great thing in higher educational system.

This is a big demoralising blow to it's so called higher educational institutions who claim through their excellent marketing to produce better engineers and managers. Many Indians, who fail to compete in the Indian educational system, flock to Singapore, to complete their studies. But the real fact is that Singapore, a small fry is no match to India in the area of space science, where developments of the next couple of decades will influence mankind's development.

Even China is no match to India in space science !!

We wish Singapore all the best in the next couple of decades or centuries in its effort to grow scientifically and technologically and become a super power in its own right.  (pic courtesy ISRO)


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