Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Can the West and China match India's technological superiority ?

The total solar energising of world's first (and India's fourth busiest) International airport at Kochi, Kerala at $10 million by August '15 , which handles 7 million passengers annually, made big news globally. This $10 million investment translates to $1.43 million per million passengers.
World's first solar powered international airport ..

Handling 58,950 aircraft movements translates to $0.17 million per 1000 movements.

Handling 74,800 T cargo, it translates to $0.13 million per 1000 T cargo handled.

The world gets a shocker !! India leads the world in technological and innovative breakthroughs ..

Let us see whether any country is advanced enough like India to get their International airports go hi-tech with solar energy at such great COST INNOVATION !! it is a challenge for some of the advanced countries of the world.

Can Hartsfield Jackson airport in Atlanta, US (world's largest airport) handling 96 million passengers annually, be able to go completely solar at $138 million ( at $1.43 million investment per million passengers) to be any threat to Kochi International airport ? US thinks only in terms of investments of billions of dollars and thinks it is the easiest way to boss around.

Is it any more relevant in the present day innovative world ?

Even if Atlanta airport takes $200 million to go solar (a very very distant and remote possibility), can US and other countries ever compete with the leader, India on cost innovation ?

Leaders lead, others follow !

Thanks to Bosch Germany for working with superior Indian technologists and managers (senior alumni from CET) and the great vision of VJ Kurien IAS, (Addl. Chief Secretary, Govt of Kerala) Chairman and MD of Kochi International airport, to make this great task possible ..

This is also a great reminder of how private initiative  (Kochi international airport is the first airport in Indian in public-private partnership (PPP) mode) can do wonders to the country.  Corruption, the bane of the country can also be eliminated .. ( if only our corrupt state and central depts of PWD, etc could be reformed with political conviction)

The best is yet to come !!


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