Monday, September 28, 2015

Why china is losing out to India ..

There are many interesting reasons why China is losing out to India , but some of them are listed here.

An old article highlighting China's predominance in supply chin infrastructure.

1. Communist government which intrudes into every citizen's personal life
2. communist government policies that do not promote entrepreneurship
3. communist govt that throttles individual liberty and freedom
4. less competitive and capable space technology regime
5. less freedom for foreign technology companies
6. problems with China's unethical, erroneous and falsified reporting on its infrastructure and economic growth
7. killing individual enterprise with regressive communist govt policies
8. crumbling chinese bureaucracy due to increasing corruption
9. Chinese govt which clandestinely helps rogue nations in nuclear proliferation
10. Chinese govt which clandestinely helps rogue nations in missile proliferation
11. a throttled press and media
12. blocking foreign companies from discharging their responsibilities and duties, eg Google, facebook etc 
13. state ownership of property and enterprises, resulting in low incentive and motivation to perform and succeed
14. decisions imposed using top-down approach are less lasting than those which are decided and implemented from bottom-up ..........

A country which has very low integrity in the international arena can hardly survive.. 
The next frontier for global development is going to be India ..

Technological superiority, democratic governance, economic might and nuclear capability  are the four poles on which India will grow and lead the world for the next three centuries ..


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