Saturday, September 12, 2015

Leading SBI, the nation's largest and oldest bank .. Challenges ..

A lion(ess) of a leader .. Leading and transforming India's largest and oldest, 200 year old bank .. 

Mrs. Arundhati.. made of steel and soft as a flower ..
Value of great leadership. SBI Chairman, Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya ..

Leading and transforming a 200 year old institution in a democracy like India where labourers in public sector start a strike at the drop of a hat, is no mean achievement. And to direct the institution through modern times, enabling a smooth digital transition is a great achievement.

She has so many stakeholders to satisfy. First of all the customers, then the employees, the old retired employees, the central govt, the shareholders, the major leading industries of the country who sit on the Director Board, the board of Directors, the trade union leaders, the foreign and private bankers, the Reserve Bank of India, the global banking monitoring and regulatory mechanism,  what not. and to glide smoothly through all these challenges without a hitch, speaks volumes of the leadership and ability of this individual.

If you look at her credentials. it is no great, no ivy league education and no background of science and technology. But having the qualities to take the bank through very pressing and modern times, where everything is going digital, is no mean task.

Some good leadership quotes  .. Wishing her al the best for the rest one year more of her career ..


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