Friday, September 11, 2015

Leadership Lecture series, Google Hangout with Prof. Manu Vora, Illinois Inst of Technology.

One of the good videos played during the brief 50 min talk thru Google Hangout at Alliance University this morning, 11 Sept, 2015, networked with other Institutes across the country.. Pl click on the link below. 

Prof Manu spoke of Stephen Covey's 7 habits of Effective Leadership, Jim Collin's great research work on Level 5 Leadership, also about the eighth habit of Effective leadership of moving from Effectiveness to greatness, Tipping Point Leadership (Kim and Mauborgne's article in HBR of '03 on the Police Commissioner of NY city William Bratton's efforts to lead the NY Police dept) were all topics which came up during the presentation.

Influencing, igniting and inspiring ordinary people to do extra ordinary things is what Leadership is all about. 

We look forward to next Google Hangout session on 9 Oct on Effective Teamwork ..


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