Monday, September 28, 2015

India successfully launches Astrosat and 4 US satellites..

Astrosat ..
The opportunist United States of America has been dealt a severe blow by India when ISRO launched its first Indian space observatory and 4 US satellites aboard PSLV C30 this morning at Sriharikotta, AP.

The space observatory Astrosat, the first Indian 'mini Hubble', helps India observe deep space using multi wavelength telescopes and study evolution of Universe and the different constellations and galaxies, in addition to pulsars, white dwarfs, black holes and the like.

Remembering when US blacklisted India for it's nuclear ambitions and denied critical cryogenic technology for space missions, India took it in its stride. It was an opportunity for India to understand its true friends and foes. (even now we are skeptical whether some of the 4 satellites that have been launched, though for maritime tracking from private players, will be used against India to help US spy closely at Indian space efforts and pull us down)

Now US is trying to hobnob with India, put arms on Indian shoulders and rub shoulders with us. As usual India is keeping its dignity and high standards of social etiquettes in tact. India is reminded of the great saying - A friend in need is a friend indeed !! US is a close, helpful, selfish and "untrustworthy" friend. Like a chameleon, we are still unaware when its colours will change. 

India knows for sure that US will again alienate, antagonize, estrange and sour relations with India if it gets to know that India is progressing despite US's 'selfish' interests - and India is very much prepared for such an eventuality.. 

Please step back European Space Agency and China ! We are ready to give you  a helping hand, handholding, to conquer near frontiers of space ! Wait for the success of India's manned Moon mission and Venus mission in the next few years ..

Space is the next frontier India will conquer and sure we will do it, in style and confidence !


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