Monday, September 14, 2015

HG Geevarghese Mar Coorilose of Indian Orthodox church, Mumbai..

HG Geevarghese Mar Coorilose,

The Holy Father who introduced me to pure orthodoxy, who in spite of all worldly forces around him tried his level best to maintain his spirituality and tried to be loyal to God and his calling..

We are praying that all those who schemed against HG will be put to realise the truth tomorrow, 15 sept, 2015, by the grace of God and HG will come back as Bishop of the Indian Orthodox church.

I know HG from 1981, when as Fr George Kurian he was the Gen Secretary of MGOCSM, guided us through the student orthodox movement and was my warden of the Orthodox Students Centre, Trivandrum.

Later when he made my son Jobin the altar boy at Goa St Marys Orthodox Church or at Powai church when he came for services as Bishop of Mumbai and we were in IIT Bombay, he never missed a chance to meet up and talk. I also had the good opportunity to take him to our house in Ponda, Goa at least on two occasions and give him food.

My sister Alice and b-i-law Geevarghese Vaidyan and their kids in Mumbai are also very close to HG. The only aspect I feel sad is that I never got the opportunity to visit The Gregorian Community in Roha, Maharashtra, which is the pet project of HG.

The very fast developments over the past three days on HG made me feel really bad about how  politics even in spiritual organisations can be so very demotivating and silly ! We can only pray that God guide the Holy Church under his guidance and God give him the health to lead the church for many more years.

Tomorrow, we have to wait and see what decision the Holy Synod takes to bring back HG to the forefront. There is also a rumour that HG may be shunted out of mumbai. Let the Church show all care and concern so that a senior Holy father is not pained too much ..     AD 52 anthem of our church ..


  1. What is annoying is that with an ambush a senior dedicated Bishop's Service and LIFE'S ACHIEVEMENTS are wiped out with ONE MAN'S Photographic evidence...!! And everyone is taken hostage to bring in "TRANSFER OF BISHOPS" through an internal disciplinary set by a 14 day NOTICE OF SUSPENSION...!!
    So, now we know the dictatorial powers going to be vested at ONE CENTRE and this sort of admn. through cronies suitable for an established traditional Orthodox church... ??

  2. HG has been reinstated without any prejudice to his earlier position as Metropolitan of Bombay Diocese. Praise the Lord !


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