Thursday, September 17, 2015

E Sreedharan dedicated his entire life to the country ..

On Engineers Day, the birthday of Sir M Vishwesaraiah, let us also read about the "living legend of India", a top technocrat, decorated as one of the top Asian heroes by Time magazine, Padmabhushan awardee and our own METRO MAN, Elattuvalappil Sreedharan (IES), NIT, Calicut, the only central Govt employee in Indian history to have been given extension for 19 years to retire at the ripe age of 79 !! Kolkata Metro, Konkan railway, Delhi Metro and now Kochi Metro !! What a list of accomplishments ! Wow !!

The nation got many great "world class infrastructure" because of him, but never considered him fit enough for its highest civilian honour, a Bharat Ratna.

Sreedharan could, like the rest of his batch mates have ditched India and decided to contribute instead to another country by migrating to a developed country. He could have enjoyed the high life style offered by those developed economies and spent his life there with family. 

Instead he never entertained any such thoughts. Whatever his country was willing to shower him with, he accepted it with folded hands and never whined.

Will his motherland, at least at this last minute, show some gratefulness and thank him for the  great things he has done for his motherland with a higher recognition ? Let's wait and see ..

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