Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cochin International Airport becomes first in the world to operate fully on solar power

Kochi International airport is the 4 th largest Indian int'l airport and is the first International airport in the world to completely run on solar power. Let me just remind you that India is world's third largest polluter too after China and US.

Needing 48,000 electrical units (KWh) daily, CIAL installed a 12 MW solar plant of 46,000 solar panels, able to deliver 50,000 units/day of green power.

Took 6 months to complete, $10 million to be recovered in 5 years in the cost of electricity which would be produced. This airport thus is not only technically superior, it is a commercially viable one  too ..

With a lifespan of 25 years saving 300,000 MT CO2 emission every year, it is equivalent to planting 3 million trees ..

CIAL MD, V J Kurien, IAS.
Great initiative carried with technical collaboration with Bosch India.

Can central Govt, state govt offices and educational institutions across the state and country emulate this ? CIAL MD, VJ Kurien is much in demand now !

It has been officially confirmed that India's Kochi International airport is the first completely solar powered airport in the world .. What an innovation !!

Probably this can kick start many other gigantic critical applications elsewhere in the world to run on solar energy ..
Germany which attempted to be among the forerunners in adopting solar energy had a bad experience .. Check the link .. 


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  1. At this age when our world is facing an energy crisis and threats from global warming, CIAL has now set a benchmark for the world to follow. A huge technical operation like aviation taking up this challenge was an exceptional feat. Kudos to CIAL and the Bosche team. Thankyou Sir for sharing the info.


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