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HH Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma - greatest of all Travancore Kings.

Sri Padmanabhadasa Maharajah Sri Anizham Tirunal
Veera Bala Marthanda Varma Kulashekhara Perumal
HH Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma (1706-1758 AD). 

The greatest of all Travancore Kings, the only Indian King to defeat both Dutch and English (at Colachel), the daring King  responsible for collecting all the riches at Sri Padmanabhaswamy  temple as the spoils of war collected from the defeated Dutch and British armies ..

Family records have it that the boy king (Anizham Tirunal) when hounded by the ettuveettil pillamaar landed at our Chittundayil  family house in Adoor in 1715 AD in disguise as a beggar. My great great ... grandmother offered the beggar boy rice gruel which he declined and went to our neighbour Nellimmoottil family. The mother there quickly recognised the beggar boy, treated him well and allowed him to stay there for three days after which he went back to Trivandrum side and reclaimed his Royal title after battle in a few years time.

HH Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma ( 1706 - 1758 AD)
Land records say that after a few years of return to power, excess land running to hundreds of acres of land with our Chittundayil family was taken away and gifted tax free to Nellimmoottil family.

Nellmoottil family still has the various presents and gifts showered by HH Anizham Tirunal in their possession, though scattered.

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