Monday, August 03, 2015

Exhortation by Hon. Chancellor .. Foundation Day 2 Aug, 2015.

Prof. Madhukar Angur
In yesterday's Foundation Day talk in Alliance University, Hon. Chancellor Prof. Madhukar Angur made some great observations.

Of all the 18,600 Universities in theworld more than 25% are in the US. India grew from 20 Universities in 1948 to 460 in the year 2010 and 727 in the year 2015.

He also asked the faculty to connect :

1. Connect with the real scholars of the world
2. connect with the profession -  practitioners and experts
3. connect with the alumni of AU and
4. connect with the community, using the 10 mile impact to demonstrate our commitment and responsibility to the society. 

"Dont go after money, go after what makes you happy "

 Chancellor also asked thefaculty to

1. nurture autonomy in the University
2, stretch the autonomy and
3. ensure harmony with all other stake holders in the University.

These are great words to come from a great scholar cum administrator. I am sure the faculty of AU will take this seriously and take the University forward.


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