Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Meeting with VP Joy .. A simple and affable personality ..

With Joy at his residence.
It was a pleasant surprise for me to meet up with VP Joy, my bro-in-law and College of Engineering Trivandrum senior, Jt. Secy, Cabinet Secretariat, Delhi, in Delhi after a gap of many years, on 3 rd July 2015.

After my visits to Gurgaon in the morning, I found some time in the evening to catch up for dinner with Joy at Kerala House. Later we went to his house. 

He is an ardent poet in Malayalam language and is working on his seventh book on Malayalam poems. Having already won the SK Pottakkad award and MS Namputhiripad award, he is a "challenge" to contemporary poets in Kerala .. :)

Check out his poetry website at joyvazhayil.com

VP Joy gets S K  Pottekkad award ..

I am hopeful, this time Joy gets to do his post-doc fellowship (pdf) at the world's top University, Harvard, which was offered to him two years back, a hard earned honour for him and everyone's dream qualification in life !!

Even though the present job is very challenging at the Cabinet Secretariat in Delhi, I am sure he will be able to take up this dream assignment at Harvard and bring laurels to CET and India .. pursuing the simple joys and pursuits of life.

Wishing him the best in his career.


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