Saturday, July 11, 2015

Five UK satellites go into orbit on Indian rocket - BBC News

The 3 satellites of the DMC3 series manufactured by a Surrey based co in UK launched by ISRO last night, leases transponder time to govts., pvt. cos. and individuals / startups to study the planet from space with upto a metre resolution in a sun synchronous orbit at 647 km altitude ..

A great opportunity for a new breed of commercial geo-spatial entrepreneurial startups monitoring tourism, waste management, resource utilization, logistics, transportation and the like .. A Chinese co. is taking the lead now on using transponder time on this satellite ..

Never in their wildest dreams would United Kingdom have thought that one of it's colonies from the eighteenth century onwards, would come to its rescue and help it in real hi-tech areas to launch the satellites.

A technologically developed country like India is taking sweet revenge on its former colonial master, a less developed United Kingdom !


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