Monday, July 06, 2015

An obstinate Greece facilitating a GREXIT ..

Has Greece's left-wing PM Alexei Tsipras "torn down the bridges" between Greece and Europe to facilitate a quick GREXIT from EU  by defaulting on the repayment to IMF of $ 2 billion of the total $267 billion that Greece owes to IMF or is EU still ready to offer more funding to Greece ?

Can / will / how long can the rest of EU accommodate / support a faltering, non-performing and obstinate Greece ? 

Leave Greece to itself, with no hand-holding and pampering, it would learn the hard lesson and regulate itself.

Greece may be an issue for the European Union, not for the world and major economies like China and India. 

Let us not get unnecessarily agitated over a "loose" Greece .. Profligacy and poor work culture cannot work long, this should help Greece find a solution to its own travails.

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