Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to do an effective Case Analysis ?

A case analysis is a project. Rigour and relevance are equally important in a case analysis.

Any case analysis should have these fundamental four points

1. Statement of the problem
  • always keep the strategic perspective in mind
  • some cases may also have a tactical perspective
  • clear definition of the strategic problem
  • try to identify the root cause problem, not the symptoms
2. Issue Analysis
  • this phase is the preparation of facts / litterature search
  • get an understanding of the strategic problem
  • try to differentiate between data / information / knowledge
  • do a content analysis and differentiate between facts, opinions and assumptions
3. Presentation / discussion of alternatives
  • once the case has been discussed in detail and viable alternatives have been generated, list them out
  • check out the practical ones and separate them based on advantages and disadvantages
  • check out the alternatives for ease of implementation
4. Plan of action
  • it is always a good idea to have a plan of action evolve out of the case discussion
  • alternatively students could be asked to come to the class with a plan of action for the case, to be discussed in the class
  • PoA should be backed by financial analysis, consumer analysis, market research, info systems etc.
5. Summary of the case
  • have a contingency Plan of Action. the PoA generated may be based on false assumptions. In case the thought out PoAs not accepted or feasible, the people should be able to discuss an alternative, rather than having to gothrough the whole process again
  • it will help to rely on a duplicate plan of action than having to do analysis all over again
These were the points which were discussed during a half day workshop arranged on Case Study Analysis at Alliance University campus by the Chancellor, Alliance University, Dr Madhukar Angur for executive PGDM students on 28 June 2015.


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