Saturday, June 13, 2015

AAI personnel at Karipur, Calicut Kerala airport, murderers ??

It is a great shame that the Fire and Security personnel of Airports Authority of India have suceeded in killing a CISF personnel at Karipur, Calicut airp[ort. AAI personnel tried to prevent CISF personnel from discharging their duty. It is already very much known that Karipur airport is one of those notorious airports in the country where smuggling happens maximum in the country, last year 250 kgs of gold worth crores were smuggled inside the country.

The media is trying to finger CISF who are doing an extremely decent job. Probably CISF did not allow the HEAVY SMUGGLING racket to freely operate in karipur, that may be the reason the airport authorities were against CISF .. The investigating agency should probe this angle too. 

Justice should be given to CISF who have responded to attacks when they were discharging their duty, CISF has not started the attacks on AAI staff. And it was a natural reaction for CISF colleagues to engage in minor destruction (could hv been avoided) at the airport when one of their colleagues was killed by the AAI personnel in the sciffle.

I am sure all central agencies who hv a stake in the smuggling racket happening at the airports, like customs dept and AAI unions will start their tirade against CISF and accuse them, but one thing I can say, being though not a frequent traveller, the CISF personnel are doing an excellent job should not be obstructed from discharging their duties as enshrined in the Indian constitution. 9 fire and security people may just escape the gallows but probably land 10 years in prison as a fallout of the events... 

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