Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Operation Anantha ..

Why is Operation Anantha so important not only for Trivandrum but for the whole state of Kerala and India ?

Encroachments are a curse of society. It is carried out over many years by the influential who have the right contacts in govt and bureaucracy and would like to make an easy buck.

Water bodies are an essential part of a society plans to use water for development and survival lest the water table goes down as has happened in th city of Bangalore.

Disaster Management Act has been revoked for the first time in the history of India in Trivandrum to tackle the floods in East Fort and to remove encroachments. Hopefully the same act will be replicated all over the state by the state administration to see that the state is cleared of all illegal encroachments,

Kerala once again has shown to the world that it is a pioneer in everything it undertakes, its people are very forward looking, its administration is first class. Hope it remains that way.


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