Thursday, May 07, 2015

Milk processing issues ..

The issues involved I shall point out here.

1. Collection logistics of milk from collection centres

2. Trsnportation of milk to centralised / regional processing plants

3. Homogenisation and Pasteurisation of milk

4. Different sku and demands

5. Matching demand and capacity

6. Packing and distribution of milk packets

7. Demand and capacity for milk auxilliary products like peda, flavoured milk, curd etc..

8. Right pricing mechanism to motivate demand

9. Ensuring the milk is preserved without perishing in the right ambient temp throughout collection, transportation, processing, packing and distribution stages

10. Maintaining quality of raw milk, processed milk and processed sweets

11. Reverse logistics of handling low quality milk products

12. Inv mgmt of sugar, spices, flavours etc

13. Maintenance of machines, milk tankers, trucks etc

14. Suitable remuneration of milk farmers to ensure regular supply

15. Right technical parameters of quality milk like fat content etc..

16. Size of storage and processing facilities etc..


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