Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jack Ma's 10 rules for success..

From a very ordinary school teacher in China to china's richest man and the West' most acceptable face in China, Jack Ma's story has been one of perseverance, rejection and passion.

Jack Ma, the father of modern high volume reliable e-tailing..

When he claims that his riches belong to the society, he is just a custodian, even though at present he is the 18 th richest  man on planet earth at a personal worth of $29 billion, it says, here is a person much different from the others. 

CEO of, the world's biggest e-retailer, three times the nearest competitor Amazon, Jack Ma has a very interesting story for the youngsters of the world.

He has at present about 48% of his staff women and 35% of his top management staff women. He says that women care more for others by nature and this is what he wants his employees also to do, care for the customer. 

Jack places first priority on the customer, next on the employee and third on the share holder. The share holder he feels is very dicey and will desert the company at the drop of a hat.

1. Jack's 2015 interview at the World Economic Forum at Davos.

2. Jack Ma's 10 rules for success..

3. Jack Ma believes that ideas and technology can change the world as given in this Chinese address (with English sub-titles) he gave at Stanford in 2014. He is very thankful to the internet and Silicon Valley for giving the opportunity for him to experiment and excel..

One great thing about Jack Ma is his approach to the riches he has amassed. He says that the billions the society has given him is with him only as its custodian.  One day he intends to give it all up and go back to teaching in school, his very first profession !


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