Friday, April 17, 2015

Tambora eruption, 200 th anniversary !

Its 200 years back in April 1815 that the biggest volcano of our time in the last 700 years or so, Tambora in Indonesia erupted ejecting rocka upto 40 km into the sky,  spurting 30 cubic km of rocks and 50 million tons of Sulphur dioxide into the air.

This killed about 1,20,000 people in Indonesia due to ash flows, tsunamis and starvation besides great environmental changes bringing starvation and deaths in europe and china, and the great cholera epidemic in Bengal, during 1816-1820 AD.

Volcanologists argue 200 years dormancy is normal for volcanoes of this size meaning an eruption now is possible !

Happy 200th anniversary for Tambora !! If you are erupting any soon, please let us know ..

Ge .. ( courtesy The Economist)

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