Friday, April 17, 2015

Robert schuller, spiritopreneur ..

Failed spiritual entrepreneur .. Some may call him a fraud, but his success is that he duped so many Americans and even tried to bring his sons to the family business of spiritual entrepreneurship.

The "pastorpreneur" Robert Schuller who made his millions duping believers with his Crystal Cathedral ministries in Southern California, died on April 2.

Poor succession planning and failure to react to new competitors ( as fake as himself) are quoted as the reasons for his spiritual business failure.

The fact that he could dupe almost 20 m Americans of spiritual nirvana speaks volumes of his ability and the Americal public in general.

In India, our human Gods like fraud Dinakaran is also someone of this kind. What punishment they will receive from God for the treachery they have carried out on earth, we have to wait and see.


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