Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Google's secrets of Innovation - Susan Wojcicki, Google.

Two of the greatest companies I appreciate for innovation and changing the world beyond any recognition are Google and Apple. People of my age from the 60s, would without doubt have a lot to say how the world for them has changed compared to the previous generations iof the forties or thirties who never came across so much of change, technological, which spurred changes in many other spheres knowingly or unknowingly. 

I recently happened to read an article by Susan Wojcicki, Google's Sr. VP Advertising on what are the innovative steps taken by Google to remain inovative, in spite of its size.

The points are 
1. Having a real mission
2. thinking big but starting small
3. striving for continual innovation
4. looking for ideas everywhere
5. sharing everything
6. sparking imagination, fuelling with data
7. be a platform and never fail to fail.

If anyone is interested in understanding the Google version of Innovation, they are requested to read the highlighted link above. 

My understanding of the greatest Google innovations as of now (both inorganic acquisitions initially) to the world are summarised here.

1. One of the greatest innovations of Google to the present day immersed in technology and miniature gadgets has been the introduction of the mobile operating System of Android. The personal computer world which was dominated by Microsoft and apple slowly started giving way to a free and effective Operating system. We also see during this time that Microsoft started losing its prominence in the tech world.

2. The second Google Innovation, has been Youtube. It changed the perception of the people to watching movies, videos, publishing oneself etc. In teaching pedagogy, it changed , along with TED talks, how people, young and aged alike, watched instructional videos and understood concepts and facts online.  

Impact wise, Google has had more impact on the world than Apple. 

The fact that I am able to express my opinion through this blog, blogspot is in itself a Google innovation, but it does not match up to the impact of the above two innovations.

The world is looking forward to Google continuing to serve humanity and science and technology, by bringing more innovations that will change the way we humans live on planet earth. 


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