Friday, April 24, 2015

Innovation with blended MOOCs and student feedback ..

It was a great satisfying experience.

A class of 54 students of MBA semester 2 at Alliance University, Bangalore India gave me a feedback of 4.9/5 for the subject of Lean Operations Management.

Used theory, videos, cases and games to teach them. Very satisfying. I teach  thru an elearning site, .

Not a joke, I relied heavily of online quizzes which students had to take in the class. Mostly thesde quizzes were on topics related to the MOOCs. I took 15 quizzes, some times 2/week, helping students consolidate their knowledge of the subject.

Also blended 2 MOOCs, one on Lean startups by Prof Steve Blank from Stanford at and the second one on Innovation for Entrepreneurs  by Prof Thomas Mierzwa of Uty of Maryland at (blended MOOCs were taken  for the first time in India) ..

Blended MOOCs were done by auditing the courses remotely and crediting it locally through quizzes, class discussions etc. The performance in the MOOCs were considered in the internal assessment of the students.

In the last semester for the subject of Operations Strategy for a senior MBA batch, two MOOCs were blended, on Competitive Strategy and Advanced Competitive Strategy, both by Prof. Tobias Kretschmer of Ludwig Maxmillan Universitat, Munich, Germany at  Finding more and more exciting ways to bring innovation to the class !!

Continuously innovating and motivating students to walk that extra mile, I think is key to this.


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