Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bali 9 execution .

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, part of Bali Nine, the Australian drug trafficking gang, all eight of whom were executed by Indonesian firing squad this morning inspite of Australian requests for clemency to the eight. A strong warning by Indonesia to cross border drug traffickers.

The irony is these drug traffickers were endangering Australian youngsters and Australian govt itself was seeking amnesty for these australian citizens.

Indonesian Presidemt Joko Widodo deserves special praise for resisting pressure. This execution also sends the right message to Australia on who is helping promote drug trafficking.

Would Indonesia succumbing to Australian pressure have made a difference ?


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bureaucracy less ISRO ..

India is now among the top three largest space powers in the world wirh capability to launch 4 T payload too on indigenous cryogenic engine.  Way ro go, ISRO !!

A great example to the whole country and world of how a bureaucrat-less govt organisation can become world class.

Should we do away with the old British style bureaucracy which has outlived its utility ? We need people who can work, not command !! We need a serious debate !!

Isro successfully tests indigenous cryogenic engine with four-tonne capacity - Livemint -


Friday, April 24, 2015

Omega Seamaster..

An Omega Seamaster automatic adorns my wrist..


Innovation with blended MOOCs and student feedback ..

It was a great satisfying experience.

A class of 54 students of MBA semester 2 at Alliance University, Bangalore India gave me a feedback of 4.9/5 for the subject of Lean Operations Management.

Used theory, videos, cases and games to teach them. Very satisfying. I teach  thru an elearning site, .

Not a joke, I relied heavily of online quizzes which students had to take in the class. Mostly thesde quizzes were on topics related to the MOOCs. I took 15 quizzes, some times 2/week, helping students consolidate their knowledge of the subject.

Also blended 2 MOOCs, one on Lean startups by Prof Steve Blank from Stanford at and the second one on Innovation for Entrepreneurs  by Prof Thomas Mierzwa of Uty of Maryland at (blended MOOCs were taken  for the first time in India) ..

Blended MOOCs were done by auditing the courses remotely and crediting it locally through quizzes, class discussions etc. The performance in the MOOCs were considered in the internal assessment of the students.

In the last semester for the subject of Operations Strategy for a senior MBA batch, two MOOCs were blended, on Competitive Strategy and Advanced Competitive Strategy, both by Prof. Tobias Kretschmer of Ludwig Maxmillan Universitat, Munich, Germany at  Finding more and more exciting ways to bring innovation to the class !!

Continuously innovating and motivating students to walk that extra mile, I think is key to this.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Airbus A 390 ..

Airbus A390

Introducing the ENORMOUS AIRBUS A390!!!! ....expected to take off in late 2018.

The plane is targeted for international service of flights of over 9,000 nautical miles (about 16,600 kilometers). The A390 will be powered by six Rolls-Royce turbofan engines developing thrusts of over 340,000lb each. According to AIRBUS the break-even point for operating the airplane will be at a passenger load of about 1760 passengers. 

Among the features proposed for the future aircraft are six restaurants, three duty free shops, a lounge with a discothèque, two full sized movie theatres, a 14 lane bowling alley, a swimming pool with water slides, a wedding chapel, a fully functional medical clinic, and a 11,000 volume library. 

Two major international carriers have already placed orders and that the new jets are scheduled to begin service in late summer of 2018. 


Google launches mobile phone network

Google launches mobile phone network

Google has never desisted from enthusing its customers, shocking its competitors and disrupting the ecosystem by bringing in innovation, both of the incremental and radical type ..

Giving everything free, be it search, data storage, email, mobile operating system or videos, it is giving enough jitters and shaking the existing mobile phone operators, Sprint, Vodafone, Airtel etc ..

Google, continue delighting us ..


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Google's secrets of Innovation - Susan Wojcicki, Google.

Two of the greatest companies I appreciate for innovation and changing the world beyond any recognition are Google and Apple. People of my age from the 60s, would without doubt have a lot to say how the world for them has changed compared to the previous generations iof the forties or thirties who never came across so much of change, technological, which spurred changes in many other spheres knowingly or unknowingly. 

I recently happened to read an article by Susan Wojcicki, Google's Sr. VP Advertising on what are the innovative steps taken by Google to remain inovative, in spite of its size.

The points are 
1. Having a real mission
2. thinking big but starting small
3. striving for continual innovation
4. looking for ideas everywhere
5. sharing everything
6. sparking imagination, fuelling with data
7. be a platform and never fail to fail.

If anyone is interested in understanding the Google version of Innovation, they are requested to read the highlighted link above. 

My understanding of the greatest Google innovations as of now (both inorganic acquisitions initially) to the world are summarised here.

1. One of the greatest innovations of Google to the present day immersed in technology and miniature gadgets has been the introduction of the mobile operating System of Android. The personal computer world which was dominated by Microsoft and apple slowly started giving way to a free and effective Operating system. We also see during this time that Microsoft started losing its prominence in the tech world.

2. The second Google Innovation, has been Youtube. It changed the perception of the people to watching movies, videos, publishing oneself etc. In teaching pedagogy, it changed , along with TED talks, how people, young and aged alike, watched instructional videos and understood concepts and facts online.  

Impact wise, Google has had more impact on the world than Apple. 

The fact that I am able to express my opinion through this blog, blogspot is in itself a Google innovation, but it does not match up to the impact of the above two innovations.

The world is looking forward to Google continuing to serve humanity and science and technology, by bringing more innovations that will change the way we humans live on planet earth. 


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old seminary 200 years postage stamp ..

200 years of India's oldest seminary in Kottayam. Orthodox theological seminary Kotratam  21 april 1815 - 21 april 2015.Commemorative stamp and cover released by HE Pranab Mukherjee, President of India.

Dream big !!

A great quote to energise the young people of the world .. do not be afraid to dream big !! The world is yours !!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blue ocean strategy INSEAD doc ..

Here’s the essence of blue ocean strategy captured in eight key points.

What is distinctive about blue ocean strategy as a theory? How is blue ocean strategy different from a classic differentiation strategy? Is it another form of low cost strategy? What’s the research process behind it? In the decade since Blue Ocean Strategy was first published, we’ve fielded thousands of such questions. Some executives want to understand how it addresses the issue of execution. Some ask what the strategy is based on. Others question whether the strategy will be effective in their industry. We heard certain questions again and again and, in response, have identified eight key points. Here we outline the essence of blue ocean strategy.

1 It’s grounded in data
Blue ocean strategy is based on a decade long study of more than 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 industries over 100 years. Industries ranged from hotels, cinema, retail, airlines, energy, computers, broadcasting, and construction to automobiles and steel. We analysed not only winning business players who created blue oceans but also their less successful competitors. We searched for convergence among the group that created blue oceans and within less successful players caught in the red ocean. We also searched for divergence across these two groups. In so doing, we tried to discover the common factors leading to the creation of blue oceans and the key differences separating those winners from the mere survivors and the losers adrift in the red ocean. As our database and research have continued to expand and grow over the last ten years since the first edition of our book was published, we have continued to observe similar patterns whether blue oceans were created in for-profit industries, non-profit organisations, or the public sector.

2 It pursues differentiation and low cost
Blue ocean strategy is based on the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost. It is an “and-and,” not an “either-or” strategy. Conventional wisdom holds that companies can either create greater value for customers at a higher cost or create reasonable value at a lower cost. Here strategy is seen as making a choice between differentiation and low cost. In contrast, blue ocean strategy seeks to break the value-cost tradeoff by eliminating and reducing factors an industry competes on and raising and creating factors the industry has never offered. This is what we call value innovation.
Value innovation is distinctively different from the competitive strategic approach that takes an industry structure as given and seeks to build a defensible position within the existing industry order. The strategic logic of value innovation guides companies to identify what buyers commonly value across the conventional boundaries of competition and reconstruct key factors across market boundaries, thereby achieving both differentiation and low cost and creating a leap in value for both buyers and the company.

3 It creates uncontested market space
Blue ocean strategy doesn’t aim to out-perform the competition. It aims to make the competition irrelevant by reconstructing industry boundaries. Whereas conventional strategic approaches drive companies to define their industry similarly and focus on being the best within it, blue ocean strategy prompts them to break out of the accepted boundaries that define how they compete. Instead of looking within these boundaries, managers need to look systematically across them to create blue oceans – new and uncontested market space of new demand and high profitable growth.

4 It empowers you through tools and frameworks
Blue ocean strategy offers systematic tools and frameworks to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of uncontested market space. The field of strategy, by contrast, has predominantly focused on how to compete in established markets, creating an arsenal of analytic tools and frameworks to skillfully achieve this. Blue ocean strategy is built on the common strategic patterns behind the successful creation of blue oceans. These patterns have allowed us to develop underlying analytic frameworks, tools and methodologies to systematically link innovation to value and reconstruct industry boundaries. The visual and actionable frameworks and tools such as the strategy canvas, four actions framework and six paths form the analytic foundations of the blue ocean creation process, bringing structure to what has historically been an unstructured problem in strategy. They provide a roadmap and critical visual guidance for systematically pursuing value innovation and creating uncontested market space. Companies can make proactive changes in industry or market fundamentals through the purposeful application of these blue ocean tools and frameworks.

5 It provides a step-by-step process
From assessing the current state of play in an industry, to exploring the six paths to new market space, to understanding how to convert noncustomers into customers, blue ocean strategy provides a clear four-step process to break away from the competition and create a blue ocean of strong profitable growth. The four-step process is designed around the concepts and analytic tools of blue ocean strategy and fair process. It is built based on our strategy practices in the field with many companies over the last two decades. It allows managers and their teams to develop rigorous and concrete strategies while capturing the big picture. In this way, it presents an alternative to the existing strategic planning process, which is often criticised as a number-crunching exercise that keeps companies locked into making incremental improvements.

6 It maximises opportunity while minimising risk
Blue ocean strategy is an opportunity-maximising risk-minimising strategy. Of course any strategy will always involve risks – be it red or blue. However, blue ocean strategy provides a robust mechanism to mitigate risks and increase the odds of success. A key framework here is the Blue Ocean Idea Index. The Blue Ocean Idea Index lets you test the commercial viability of your blue ocean ideas and shows you how to refine your ideas to maximise your upside while minimising downside risks. It allows you to answer four key questions: First, is there a compelling reason for people to buy your offering? Second, is your offering priced to attract the mass of target buyers so they have a compelling ability to pay for it? Third, can you produce your offering at the strategic price and still earn a healthy profit from it? And finally what are the adoption hurdles in rolling out your idea and have you addressed these upfront? The first two questions address the revenue side of your business model. They ensure that you create a leap in net buyer value. The third question ensures the profit side of your business model. And the last question ensures that you have given good thought and addressed externalities that could trip up even the best new idea.

7 It builds execution into strategy
The process and tools of blue ocean strategy are inclusive, easy to understand and communicate, and visual – all of which makes the process non-intimidating and an effective path to building execution into strategy and the collective wisdom of a company. Equally as important, blue ocean strategy is a strategy that expressly joins analytics with the human dimension of organisations. It recognises and pays respect to the importance of aligning people’s minds and hearts with a new strategy so that at the level of the individual, people embrace it of their own accord and willingly go beyond compulsory execution to voluntary cooperation in carrying it out. To achieve this, blue ocean strategy does not separate strategy formulation from execution. Although this disconnect may be a hallmark of most companies’ practices, our research shows it is also a hallmark of slow and questionable implementation and mechanical follow-through at best. Instead, blue ocean strategy builds execution into strategy from the start through the practice of fair process in the making and rolling out of strategy. Fair Process, namely, engagement, explanation and expectation clarity, prepares the ground for implementation by invoking the most fundamental basis of action: trust, commitment, and the voluntary cooperation of people deep in an organisation. Commitment, trust, and voluntary cooperation are not merely attitudes or behaviors. They are intangible capital. They allow companies to stand apart in the speed, quality, and consistency of their execution and to implement strategic shifts fast at low cost.

8 It shows you how to create a win-win outcome
With its integrated approach, blue ocean strategy shows how to align the three strategy propositions -value, profit, and people - to ensure your organisation is aligned around your new strategy and that it creates a win for buyers, the company, and for employees and stakeholders. For any strategy to be successful and sustainable an organisation must develop an offering that attracts buyers; it must create a business model that enables the company to make a tidy profit; and it must motivate the people working for or with the company to execute the strategy. While good strategy content hinges upon a compelling value proposition for buyers and a robust profit proposition for the organisation, sustainable strategy execution is based largely on a motivating people proposition. The alignment of the three propositions proposed by blue ocean strategy ensures that an organisation is taking a holistic approach to the formulation and execution of strategy. Together the three propositions provide an organising framework for creating a winning strategy that will benefit buyers, the company, as well as internal and external stakeholders.

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne are professors of strategy at INSEAD and co-directors of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. They are the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, which has sold over 3.5 million copies, is being published in a record-breaking 43 languages, and is a bestseller across five continents. They are ranked no. 2 in the Thinkers50 listing of the world’s top management gurus and are the recipients of numerous academic and management awards including the Nobels Colloquia Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking, the Carl S. Sloane Award by the Association of Management Consulting Firms, the Leadership Hall of Fame by Fast Company, and the Eldridge Haynes Prize by the Academy of International Business among others. Kim is an advisor to several national governments and Mauborgne is a member of President Barack Obama’s Board of Advisors on education. INSEAD is the home of the Blue Ocean Strategy open enrolment programme, which is designed to help executives begin to apply the concepts, tools and frameworks to the practical strategic challenges faced by their organisation.

Chinese airstrip at Spratleys Is. SC sea.

China's expansionist policy in Spratley Is. in South China sea, reclamation from coral reefs at the opposition of Vietnam and Philippines was making news.

Now they are building an air strip of 3000 m length there. Foggy scenario getting clearer day by day ..

China believes expansion ignoring protests and befriending friendly states as is US policy, is the only way to exert its influence beyond borders and flex muscles.

Pic courtesy WSJ.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tambora eruption, 200 th anniversary !

Its 200 years back in April 1815 that the biggest volcano of our time in the last 700 years or so, Tambora in Indonesia erupted ejecting rocka upto 40 km into the sky,  spurting 30 cubic km of rocks and 50 million tons of Sulphur dioxide into the air.

This killed about 1,20,000 people in Indonesia due to ash flows, tsunamis and starvation besides great environmental changes bringing starvation and deaths in europe and china, and the great cholera epidemic in Bengal, during 1816-1820 AD.

Volcanologists argue 200 years dormancy is normal for volcanoes of this size meaning an eruption now is possible !

Happy 200th anniversary for Tambora !! If you are erupting any soon, please let us know ..

Ge .. ( courtesy The Economist)

Robert schuller, spiritopreneur ..

Failed spiritual entrepreneur .. Some may call him a fraud, but his success is that he duped so many Americans and even tried to bring his sons to the family business of spiritual entrepreneurship.

The "pastorpreneur" Robert Schuller who made his millions duping believers with his Crystal Cathedral ministries in Southern California, died on April 2.

Poor succession planning and failure to react to new competitors ( as fake as himself) are quoted as the reasons for his spiritual business failure.

The fact that he could dupe almost 20 m Americans of spiritual nirvana speaks volumes of his ability and the Americal public in general.

In India, our human Gods like fraud Dinakaran is also someone of this kind. What punishment they will receive from God for the treachery they have carried out on earth, we have to wait and see.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ensure net neutrality ..

I do not want google bits to come faster than whatsapp bits or viber bits. Or amazon bits to come faster than a new startup website bits.

Humans are already discriminated on race, colour, region etc. Let not bits be discriminated against !!


The 3 principles of net neutrality ..

All bits are to be considered equal. If the bits of Google are more valued and hence come faster than the bits from facebook, or whatsapp or viber, there is discrimination. 

Stop bit discrimination !!


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Qualities of a leader ..


All the great qualities of a leader are given here. 

As examples you can take the case of Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Napolean Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Nehru etc and you will find that they had most of these qualities in them.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Conflict plunging Yemen towards humanitarian disaster, says U.N. -

Yemen, we are praying for the children who form two thirds of the Houthi rebel forces fighting the armed forces backed by Saudi. Children are the most vulnerable to attacks and get killed too.

With the successful airlifting of Indians from Yemen getting to a close, close to 23 nations have requested Sushma Swaraj to help airlift their nationals out of Yemen.

Thanking God for democracy in India, not a monarchy, dictatorship or one-party rule.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Kenya bombs Somalia al-Shabab bases

A fitting Kenyan response to the Garissa uty massacre by Al Shabab militants from Somalia ..

What is the root cause of a community fighting against itself across the middle east and east africa ? Lack of opportunities, exploitation and lack of political freedom ?

Until a global front helps identify the root cause and attends it with concern and care, no amount of relief and additional military aid can help .. This menace will only spread across countries and bring untold misery till then !

Kenya bombs Somalia al-Shabab bases

New York city ..

The city of New York (under mayor Bloomberg) presently annually generates a Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) of $1. 55trillion which is the GDP of Australia. It is also 2 times the GMP of Mumbai city ( at PPP).

Top univs within NYC are Columbia, Cornell and SUNY ..

Large Haldron Collider and God ..

Will the Large Hadron Collider, LHC at CERN hq, Geneva Switzerland surprise us again this time with new revelations on the origin of life ?

Will the 27 km long super conducting ring magnet with protons passing through at near to speed of ligbt help explain the origin of life and render religions irrelevant ?

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Pope Francis at Rome prison on Maundy Thursday

No christian religious leader has ever attempted this humbling act of washing  young prisoners' feet (despised by society for drug and sex related crimes in a Rome prison) on Maundy Thursday other than the present Pope Francis (now for the third year in succession, symbolic of Jesus washing disciples' feet) ..

A true sadhu for the 1200 million strong Catholic faith !!

Valuable,  lessons for the "other" christian leaders serving their believers, indulging in pomp, splendour, jetsetting, wasteful and sinful luxury !!

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way  - John C. Maxwell


Thursday, April 02, 2015

MOOCs and knowledge dissemination ..

I am eaderly looking at a social entrepreneurship model which will ensure an explosion in the field of knowledge dissemination across the world by using MOOCs, making knowledge at all levels relevant, affordable and accessible.

MOOC - future of education ..

Some hints are

1. Developing s/w that translates MOOC content to mother tongue

2  making internet mobile access wide and cheap

3. keeping adding material for different levels of learners.

4. making verification of final student  academic accomplishment foolproof

Any ideas / suggestions ?

Prof Ross Ihaka and R ..

Prof  Ross Ihaka, founder of the vastly popular, open source statistical programming language, R, from University of Auckland, NZ.

Pic courtesy, The Economist.

Chinese land reclamation in S Chima sea ..

This is how China does land reclamation on coral reefs in Spratly Is. in S China sea. Dump sand on coral reefs and firm it up with millions of tons of concrete, acting against the interests of its neighbours Philippines and malaysia .. see regional map at the BBC link below..

China building 'great wall of sand'

Pic courtesy BBC ..

Data Visualisation Presentation..

Dr. Sukanya explaining the finer aspects of Data Visualisation in R Today 19 July 2019, Business school and Engineering school of Alli...

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