Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mangalyaan - a resounding success ..

Any country can go to space with loads of prestige and money pumped into the space program. But to achieve it with cost conscious efforts is the clinching factor. To ensure sustainability of inter-planetary missions in the long run, to reach other planets expending minimum energy and to execute near perfect missions, requires grit, intelligence, hard work, team effort and determination.

ISRO, (Indian Space Research Organisation) the world looks up to you to undertake affordable, sustainable and economically viable missions to inter-stellar space FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND in the near future.

On Mangalyaan completing six months in Martian orbit, the nation gives a big salute to all scientists, and support staff at ISRO for the excellent team work, grit and determination to help India place its first step in space.

All good wishes from the people of the world !!


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