Wednesday, March 25, 2015

India and the world !!

I am amazed at what my forefahers 300 years before could achieve !!

With a democratic India overtaking China in GDP growth (still about a third of the largest, the Chinese economy) will the falling price of oil further help India to consolisate the position ?

From third position it is not far that India overtake the no.2 economy US.  It is in both countries' interests to have mutually beneficial economic and technological partnerships to show the world that democracy is better than dictatorships, kingdoms, one party rule and so on.

See the murder, pillage, violence, executions, sorrow, grief etc  happening elsewhere while India is peacefully and slowly trodding with firm steps, with irs own minor shortcomings whatsoever, thanks to an ever vigilant and vibrant democracy, to become the numero uno country of the world !! Leading the world economically, culturally, spiritually and socially.

Track the orange shaded area in the graph from 1820 AD. University of Groningen, Netherlands

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